Modern Design Deck

This is a project I've been working on for some time now: The Modern Design Deck. Although I have been selling these as individual prints on Etsy, my goal is to have them reproduced as a set. If anyone out there has any suggestions, just let me know!


the aesthetic onion said...

Love them. I wish I had a children's room to decorate right now.

Posy said...
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Posy said...

Oh these are so great, now I just have to decide which one goes in the nursery!

What about S for Saarinen with a womb chair? Just a thought...

Jen said...

A.O. and Posy!

Thanks so much for the comments!!! You are both my first comments on this blog! I had no idea anyone was even looking to tell you the truth. I'm new at this!

I think I might have accidently deleted your first comment Posy- just to let you know. I was trying to respond earlier, got distracted by work, and poof.. it was gone. My apologies..

I actually have Saarinen on the list: for two objects and the wonb chair is one of them. I'll be sure to post the works in progress so you can see how its coming along!

Again, Thanks so much for posting comments!!!

you both made my day!