Proud Moments

I have always been the creative one in the family, which kept my sister Della firmly planted in the Black Sheep slot in the family layout. She always swore she wasn't creative.

But now she needs a career, a direction, and she has 2 willing teachers who know photography fairly well (bill and i were photo majors in school and he is a photo instructor now). So in August Della bought a camera, with the intention of becoming a photographer. We laid out the instructions, helped to edit, and she shot. And shot. And shot. Thousands of pictures.

Today she opened an Etsy shop: here

Tonight she had her first art show: EVER. And she sold a piece to an art Dealer. here.

And all I can think is this: That watching her do this might be my proudest moment. Ever.


Lotta said...

You and your sister are some fierce talents!