There have been questions..

both from other people (and in my own mind!) about what I am doing these images for and how I'm doing them as well... I guess 9 days in is a good time for a little recap and some explanations.

I've been an illustrator for nearly 10 years. I started out doing collage that looked very much like the very first image of the year. As much as I enjoyed the process (and sometimes the outcome) I was definitely working in a comfortable formula. While my clients loved the predictable final product, I became listless after a few years and decided to add a new style to my illustration portfolio. I put away the glue and started drawing and painting. Tired of the implied nostalgia of my old photos and coffee color paper I turned to feminine figures with brightly colored patterned backgrounds. This was a great experience that had the added benefit of opening up an entirely new client base. I went from very serious publications (Washington post, NY Times, Harpers..) with very serious articles to the lighter end of the spectrum (Better Homes and Gardens, Budget Living). For the past few years this has been the ways it's gone, heavy and light, drama and air. Nostalgic and feminine.

Lately though... oh lately.. neither seems to fit any longer. SO, my goal for the year is diligent play. It's been a little hard so far. Looking at this first week I'm still holding on to whats familiar. The illustrator in me is tied to the outcome. The product. It's going to take some time.. some letting go. The comments (and the knowledge that someone is watching) have been a great motivator. If you've read this far ..please..please.. keep them coming! And I promise to hold up my end of the bargain and give you something new to look at everyday of the year..


Joslyn said...

it will be so fun going along on the creative journey with you... have fun!

Jen said...

Thanks Joslyn! I'm so glad you stopped by!

kat said...

Hi Jen
What an challenging undertaking you have begun, well done and may it be a fruitful journey! I love the serendipity of the colourful dots too! I'll be watching your progress with interest and hopefully sending some inspiration your way in the form of my blog. x!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jen,

Are these works are done by hand? Or done by computer art. Either way very beautiful and inspiring.

Good day.


Jen said...

Hi Julio..

thanks so much for asking and for the lovely comment! They are a combination of both work by hand
(drawing, some painting, and collage) and then finishing work on the computer.

all the best,