looking out over the sea

I would love to see this.

"another place"
a sculture by
Antony Gormley.

via '2 or 3 things..' and pictures found here.


thealteredpage said...

amazing images!

Inger J. Silgjerd said...

This exhibition was located close to my hometown, in Stavanger, Norway.

The iron men are so breathtaking! They are just standing there, as if waiting for, or looking at something invisible!! ...or just enjoying the sunset?
They are now moved to the city, where they are spread all over town, in the streets, inside shops etc...

I love them!

Inger Monstad, Norway

Jen said...

Dear Inger.. I imagined them like that.. waiting or watching. I didn't know they were moving them to the city.

Are they just as interesting in another environment? I can imagine walking by one late at night, on a deserted road. A totally different experience???

Thank you for writing!