This past weekend..

Barley wanted to go swimming

so we filled up the tub

and he prepared the toys.

to collect.

and watch.

and contemplate.

and gather - even underwater.

it's so exciting.

that he has to bark.


and celebrate

even on his back!!

The End!


iHanna said...

so cute, he looks like a real happy puppy!

kristen c. said...

i love this.

sunny@suncoach.com said...

Loved your studio on On My Desk! And your dog is adorable. Glad to have discovered you. :-)

Barbara said...

did he really prepare the tub?
what a dog! he's wonderful whether or not he prepared the tub.

Jen said...

Oh, I am so glad everyone enjoyed this! Barley just celebrated his 14th birthday last week! It's so funny to see him playing in his tub now.. when he used to be the dog that would dive 4 feet off the seawall into the ocean .. to catch coconuts, no less!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

OMG Jen! He is adorable! I cannot believe he is 14 and still so full of vim and vigor!! What an absolute cutie pie! I love him~

Cami said...

Such a darling series of photos! Dogs are wonderful - so expressive and full of joy. Thanks for sharing your little guy :)

lush said...

this is so great. our dog - chloe - loves to swim too. we got her a little wading pool from ace, but it's too shallow for her to paddle around in, so she just stands in it and plays with her green dino. thanks for sharing. :)

sfgirlbybay said...

what a cutie pie! and your pics of him are great! love the tub! :)