our hearts reside here

our hearts reside here, originally uploaded by Jen Renninger.


Amanda from rhymeswithoranges said...

Oh goodness - you never cease to amaze me. This is just perfect...some of my best memories involve the ocean: family trips, walks on the beach, our wedding etc.

Lovely job Jen!

Jen said...

Thanks Amanda! I feel the same way about the shore, especially having grown up next to it, and having spent most of my time there.

Hope you're having a great summer so far!


-ps- our wedding was on the beach too :)

Melissa said...

Just stopping by from I Art You to say that I love your work -- you have some beautiful messages on your prints!

emcSquared said...

Hi Jen, I just discovered your blog and I'm now following! I love this print. I began going to Florida when I was 2 and it is like my second home. Whenever life gets rough, I dream of running away to the beach! This print really resonates with me.

cerebral e said...

This is beautiful - the sentiment and the art.