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I’ve been collecting boxes for as long as I can remember.  Jessica Helfend sent out the call to some friends for a peek at our collections so I started shooting....

To see the full slideshow visit the original post on  Design Observer or click one of the images above for my Flickr set.

ps- what do you collect?  I'd love to hear  about it!  :)

Design Observer post about my box collection


daveconrey said...

Hi Jen,

First time here. To answer the questions, I unintentionally collect VANS sneakers. I have over a dozen pairs currently, some that need to be retired.


Jen said...

Hi Dave!

Thanks for stopping by! It's funny that you unintentionally collect VANS. I suppose thats how it starts, isn't it?

All the best! J

ps- Are they VINTAGE VANS if they need to be retired? : )

rhiannalederman said...

Hey Jen,

I have a collection of 40's and 50's women's clothing catalogues. I love the fonts they use in them. It's also funny to see some of the same trends coming back in style today. I also collect vintage tin boxes- mainly for the graphics, but they can be great for storage too!

Jen said...

Hi Rhianna,

I'll bet those catalogues are absolutely amazing! I'd love to see photos of your collection of boxes!

Rosa said...

I thought I was going to be an artist because my spirographs were so good. ha. Love your collection!