There Will Be Miracles

There will be miracles

Its raining today for the first time in well over a month!  

I know, it's not a miracle.  

But it does feel like a good time to introduce a new print.


Christina said...

Loving this. It's so beautiful and playful at the same time :)

Jen said...

Thanks Christina! I was just reading through your LOVELY blog and noticed this:

"On the radio about a month ago I heard a scientist declare, “there are no miracles,” and I spun the tuner away in frustration. How can you look at this wonderment of beauty, or even at the precise minute functioning of your hands or dreams and say there are no miracles? I couldn’t live without wonder. Could you?"

I have to tell you.. that is exactly the sort of thing that inspired this image! Seeing that paragraph on your blog was such a wonderful surprise.