Little Paper Planes!! Book Give Away!!!!

Last year Kelly Lynn Jones over at Little Paper planes invited me to be a part of a new book she was working on with the lovely people over at Chronicle Books.    I certainly couldn't resist working with 2 of my favorite arts inspired companies out there:  LPP  and Chronicle so I signed on to be a part of :

Little Paper Planes:  20 projects to make and fly!!

There were 20 artists involved and we each needed to design our own take on the paper plane.  Something that the reader can actually cut out and put together themselves.  While I'm not the best at paper design and construction,   I will admit to being able to fold a pretty fierce paper plane as a kid.    So I kept my design simple.. a basic plane that anyone of any age can fold.  I made a few so that you could turn it into a mobile if you'd like (see my example below) .  I love the idea of those paper planes getting to fly all the time :)

The best part of the whole project though,  was getting to see how everyone else interpreted to project...

Heres a list of everyone involved:

Alyson Fox
Jen Renninger
Julia Rothman
Elisabeth Dunker
Ryan Berkley
Josh Conhran
Ashkahn Shahparnia
Wolfie & The Sneak
Kate Bingaman-Burt
Michael C. Hsiung
Christine Tillman
Christopher David Ryan
Hernan Paganini
Johnathan Ryan Storm
Brendan Monroe
Ashley Goldberg & Drew Bell
Alexis Anne Mackenzie
Lisa Congdon
Gemma Correll
Russell Leng

and, of course, our fearless leader- Kelly Lynn Jones: )

Heres a sneak peak of the book and some of my work..

And some of the other lovely artists involved..
I just randomly flipped through and snapped some picks.. 
as you can see.. it's pretty wonderful all the way through!

In Celebration of the book I'm giving away a free copy of the book!!!  Simply leave me a message in the comment area today and tomorrow I'll randomly pick a winner!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the giveaway and all of the pictures to see what's inside the book. My son is totally fascinated by paper airplanes right now and this book totally "elevates" them to a new level. Lovely work!

winterwrens at gmail dot com

Juliette Crane said...

super beautiful book! happy to have found your artwork and blog...very inspiring!

best wishes!

moonsword said...

goodgolly so many talented artists! Thanks for a peek in side the book. Cheers! :)

Jen said...

Thanks for the lovely comments!! I stuck all 3 of your names / emails in a hat and out popped Juliette, so she gets the book. But if winterswren and moosword would like to send me your addresses too, I'll send you both a little something in the mail as well: )

All the best!!!!!


ps- if you don't want to put your email down here feel free to just contact me right here: http://www.jenrenninger.com/contact/