The BEST Envelopes

The BEST Envelopes, originally uploaded by Jen Renninger.

M. Yagoobian swears by these envelopes.  And he left a hidden letter to prove it.  

I love it.. and love the name. These were found at the closing sale of an old printshop a while back. I had the good fortune to not only buy boxes of these, but also to have a tour of the printshop by the man who opened it nearly 70 years ago. I fell in love with printing that day. With the details, with the sense of tradition, with the knowledge that you are working in a process that has been around for centuries and has changed the world with it's presence.  The written and printed word is alive and well, even if it is sometimes hidden in the things we find around us everyday.  

Thanks for the letter of certainty Mr. Yagoobian. 

Mr. Yagoobians Envelopes