The two boys

The two boys, originally uploaded by Jen Renninger.

A few years ago, on a trip to an amusement park,  I witnessed one of the most startling things:

A little boy walked into the Chimpanzee viewing area wearing a chimp mask that could be bought just a few feet away from the exhibit. He went to the window to peek in and immediately a young chimp ran over to the glass wall, seemingly quite upset about the boy being there. He was jumping up and down and yelling, calling over the others. 

Soon 4 chimps were at the window, very disturbed by the apparent escapee on the other side. It was upsetting to watch the process of them figuring out that they weren't looking at a chimp but something .. else. 

After a fairly long time the older animals returned to their previous spots in the exhibit,  their backs turned to the mystery behind them, leaving the lone young chimp in his confusion. He was transfixed, as was the human boy. I took the picture then, as they were staring into each others eyes. Making some sort of connection that, I'm sure, will last both of their lives.


Bitterbetty said...

and at the end of the story.. I find I'm holding my breath.

thanks for sharing.

Jen said...

Thanks Betty! It really was a pretty amazing thing to watch!