Little Paper Planes blog tour..

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Little Paper Planes!! Book Give Away!!!!

Last year Kelly Lynn Jones over at Little Paper planes invited me to be a part of a new book she was working on with the lovely people over at Chronicle Books.    I certainly couldn't resist working with 2 of my favorite arts inspired companies out there:  LPP  and Chronicle so I signed on to be a part of :

Little Paper Planes:  20 projects to make and fly!!

There were 20 artists involved and we each needed to design our own take on the paper plane.  Something that the reader can actually cut out and put together themselves.  While I'm not the best at paper design and construction,   I will admit to being able to fold a pretty fierce paper plane as a kid.    So I kept my design simple.. a basic plane that anyone of any age can fold.  I made a few so that you could turn it into a mobile if you'd like (see my example below) .  I love the idea of those paper planes getting to fly all the time :)

The best part of the whole project though,  was getting to see how everyone else interpreted to project...

Heres a list of everyone involved:

Alyson Fox
Jen Renninger
Julia Rothman
Elisabeth Dunker
Ryan Berkley
Josh Conhran
Ashkahn Shahparnia
Wolfie & The Sneak
Kate Bingaman-Burt
Michael C. Hsiung
Christine Tillman
Christopher David Ryan
Hernan Paganini
Johnathan Ryan Storm
Brendan Monroe
Ashley Goldberg & Drew Bell
Alexis Anne Mackenzie
Lisa Congdon
Gemma Correll
Russell Leng

and, of course, our fearless leader- Kelly Lynn Jones: )

Heres a sneak peak of the book and some of my work..

And some of the other lovely artists involved..
I just randomly flipped through and snapped some picks.. 
as you can see.. it's pretty wonderful all the way through!

In Celebration of the book I'm giving away a free copy of the book!!!  Simply leave me a message in the comment area today and tomorrow I'll randomly pick a winner!




so sweet!


Life in a Northern Town..

It's really cold here for the first time this fall.

Hopefully it won't be as frosty this year.

Our January was quite the bear for a Sunshine state!

winter in Florida 2


One of my favorite videos...

Fifty People, One Question: New York from Fifty People, One Question on Vimeo.

Design Observer : My collection of boxes

Desktop boxes


red boxes

I’ve been collecting boxes for as long as I can remember.  Jessica Helfend sent out the call to some friends for a peek at our collections so I started shooting....

To see the full slideshow visit the original post on  Design Observer or click one of the images above for my Flickr set.

ps- what do you collect?  I'd love to hear  about it!  :)

Design Observer post about my box collection



There Will Be Miracles

There will be miracles

Its raining today for the first time in well over a month!  

I know, it's not a miracle.  

But it does feel like a good time to introduce a new print.



The fine art of craftsmanship

There is nothing finer than an organized workshop,  manned by craftspeople who believe in time worn methods.

The Anthropologist.   Just lovely!



New Work for the Wall Street Journal

Wine by the glass

New Work for Bitch Magazine

The New Alice

Alice details

Bite me!

I got a chance to work on something a little bit darker than usual this summer.  Channeling my inner teen angst  led me to this drawing of a tattooed modern Alice in Wonderland for Bitch magazine.  Thanks to the lovely AD- Kristin Rogers Brown,  for collaborating with me.  ...


Illustrations for Harpers Magazine - "Paradise Swamped"

Over the years I've had the pleasure of working with Stacey Clarkson at Harpers magazine on a number of incredible jobs. She has a knack for sending articles that never cease to strike a person chord and this recent job was one I felt incredibly connected to.  

"Paradise Swamped",  written by the extraordinary Paul Reyes,  is an excerpt from his upcoming book "Exiles in Eden: Life Among the Ruins of Florida's Great Recession" .  It's the story of Florida's part in the foreclosure mess of today,  rooted in a personal narrative starting in the 50's during a optimistic land purchase by his parents.

Lehigh Acres - full collection

As someone who grew up here (raised by Grandparents and deeply entrenched in the idea of the promise of Florida) Reyes story is a mirror to my life long love affair with my state. We moved here into a life that felt idyllic: a blissful vacation mecca, with lazy waterside evenings, orange groves in the backyard, a sort of haven that made up my childhood views on life. How can you not be an optimist growing up in the Sunshine State? Fast forward 35 years and the answer becomes obvious: buy property during the housing boom and watch it all fall apart. As an adult living in Tampa, the contrast is palpable. Empty molded foreclosed homes abound, often left with the residents personal items still lingering in the rooms. It's heartbreaking. And this excerpt straddles those 2 views just beautifully. He's captured a part of Florida that those of us who live here can instantly recognize both with nostalgic affection and adult remorse. 

ps- Thank you Stacey, for trusting me with a camera. And Thank you Paul, for trusting me with your parents picture. I hope I did them and your story the justice they deserve.

You can read part of it right here,  and here (if you happen to have a subscription).


Gulf Coast Restoration Benefit

A few weeks ago I received a heartfelt email from Meighan - The wonderfully talented lady of 'My Love for You is a Stampede of Horses..." She wanted to put together an on-line benefit with 100% of the proceeds going to the Gulf Coast Restoration Network. Who can say NO to that? Certainly not me. So.. heres my addition to the benefit: 4 separate prints...

A little more info (directly from Meighan) and a list of all the artists:
"As I mentioned yesterday, over 80 artists have donated their work. On Monday, June 28th at 12 pm PST (3 pm EST) a Big Cartel Shop will open. It's first come first serve. Prices will range from $15-$350+. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to The Gulf Restoration Network."
Here is the current list of contributing artist, designers and print shops:
Alex Lukas, Alex McLeod, Alexis Amann, Allison Sommers, Allyson Mellberg Taylor, Andrea Daquino, Amanda Michelle Smith, Amy Casey, Amy Sol, Amy Ruppel, Andrea D’Aquino, Annie Koelle, Ashley Anna Brown, Ashley Lande,Audrey Erickson, Ben Venom, Bill Dunlap, Breanne Trammell, Casey Jex Smith,Catherine Campbell, Catherine Ryan,Chad Chesko, Chris Koelle, Chris Piascik,Christian Rex Van Minnen, Corey Corcoran, Crystal Morey, Dan Gluibizzi, Danna Ray, David Galletly, Derek Weisberg, Dolan Geiman, Ehren Reed, Elbow-Toe,Elisabeth Timpone, Emily Barletta, Esther Pearl Watson, Hannah Stouffer,Happy Owl Glassworks, Hilary Pecis, Irana Douer, Jason Brammer, Jenny Hart,Jennifer Renninger, Jesse Draxler Jessica Cannon, Jill Bliss, John Casey,Josie Morway, Julianna Swaney, Justin B. NelsonJustin Richel Kate Bingaman-Burt, Kate Miss, Kenn Goodall, Kevin Earl Taylor, Know HopeKyle Ranson, Lane Collins, Lena Wolff, Lindsey Carr, Lisa Congdon, Lisa Hanawalt,Lisa Romero, Little Paper Planes, Lizzy Stewart, Luke Ramsey , Mark Todd,Martha Rich, Mary Kate McDevitt, Melinda Josie, Michael McConnell, Mike Maxwell, Mon Petit Fantome, Other, Porous Walker, Raul Gonzalez, Remi Thornton, Roll and Tumble Press, Shannon Rankin, Stacey Rozich, Sub-Studio Design Store, Tara Lisa Foley, Tristram Lansdowne, WAFA, Wendy McNaughtonWill Bryant.


our hearts reside here

our hearts reside here, originally uploaded by Jen Renninger.



Canus reptillus

tadpollus canus minor

My husband teaches Photography and one of his recent projects was to create a new animal by combining several different creatures into one.  We spent a few hours playing around and these are the first 2 we came up with!  Fun, right??


Hello Bluebird tweet tweet

Hello Bluebird tweet tweet


Open Road Biking

Open Road Biking, originally uploaded by Jen Renninger.

Another variation on the open road theme...

Ride the Open Road

Ride the Open Road

I think spring is inspiring me.. Color and the wide open road!
Maybe it's time for a brief trip?